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Understand Car Leasing

what does it mean to lease a carCar Leasing — a form of new-car financing, similar to a loan. It is not renting, although it shares some of the same characteristics. It offers a brand new car under warranty every 2-4 years, relatively low monthly payments often with no down payment, less sales tax (in most states), and a convenient walk-away return at lease-end. Alternatively, the car can be purchased at lease-end for its remaining value. Continue reading Understand Car Leasing

Best Cars to Lease

best cars to leaseThe best cars to lease are those that have the highest future resale value, called residual value in leasing.

It’s because monthly lease payments are based on the difference between vehicle price and residual value. The smaller the difference, the lower the payments and overall lease cost.

Typically, car makes and models that have a reputation for high quality and reliability have high residual values. So do vehicles that are and will continue to be big sellers — popular vehicles. Most luxury models have high residuals and are good lease vehicles. Continue reading Best Cars to Lease

Is Leasing Right For You?

better to lease or buy a carWhen shopping for a new car, a common question frequently comes up, “Is it better to lease or to buy a car?

The answer is different for different people. While leasing offers many benefits to some people, it’s not right for others.

Leasing is best for those who like having a brand-new car every 2-4 years, only drive a normal amount of miles (about 10,000-12,000) each year, take good care of their vehicles, and have a stable lifestyle such that they will not want to end their lease early (expensive). Continue reading Is Leasing Right For You?

Best Car Lease Deals

get best car lease deals

Vehicle price is a very important factor in car leasing.  In fact, price should be negotiated when you lease, just as you would if you were buying. The lower the price, the lower the payments.

Although price is the only factor truly negotiable in leasing, look for special lease deals offered by car manufacturers that not only have a reduced price but also have a boosted lease-end residual value and low money factor (finance rate) — to create an overall great deal that needs no further negotiation. Continue reading Best Car Lease Deals

Car Lease Options and Fees

car lease contracts and feesYou have a number of options and choices when you lease a car. You can of course choose any new vehicle you want, but you can also decide on the length of the lease in months (lease term), the mileage allowance, whether to buy extra miles if you think you need them, buy GAP insurance if it’s not provided for free, and whether to make a down payment (cap cost reduction). You can also choose, or refuse, to purchase add-on products and services offered by your dealer. Continue reading Car Lease Options and Fees

Car Lease Rights and Responsibilities

car lease requirements and responsibilitiesWhen you lease a new car, you sign an agreement that obligates you to certain terms and conditions for a specified length of time. You also have certain rights that are provided by that agreement.

Among the terms of a lease contract are: that you agree to make payments, in advance, every month, that you keep full coverage insurance on the vehicle, that you do not make modifications to the vehicle, that you maintain it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, that you stay within your mileage allowance, and that you return the vehicle at lease-end in good condition. You also have the right to purchase the vehicle at lease-end for a guaranteed price specified in your lease agreement. Continue reading Car Lease Rights and Responsibilities

Closing a Car Lease Deal – Lease Contract

car lease contract sign and driveThe final stage of a car lease deal is the signing of your contract.  It’s important to understand what’s in the contract and that all the information in it is correct before you actually sign.

Since lease contracts are a bit difficult to comprehend, we’ll point out some of the key things you should look for in order to make sure it’s all right and that it agrees with what you believe to be the correct details.

It’s easy for dealers to make “mistakes” and miscalculations. It may be too late to get errors corrected after you sign. Continue reading Closing a Car Lease Deal – Lease Contract