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Leasing is a popular way of driving a brand new car, at a lower cost than buying with a loan. It’s a good choice for many people, but not for others.

How to Lease a Car

  1.  Learn how leasing works to become confident, make smart decisions, and not make mistakes
  2.  Select makes/models with the highest lease-end residual value for lowest monthly payments
  3. Decide if leasing is right for you, given mileage restrictions, maintenance requirements, and extra fees
  4. Negotiate price or find the best deal the same as if you were buying the car
  5.  Choose the correct lease options — lease term, gap insurance, extra miles, down payment amount
  6.  Read and understand your lease contract before you sign — there can be mistakes and surprises

Many of those who might benefit from leasing a car don’t fully understand it and may be reluctant to give it a try.  By understanding it, you become able to take advantage of it and enjoy its benefits.

It’s important to understand how leasing works, whether to lease or buy, it’s pros and cons , who should lease, and who shouldn’t, and how to find and recognize a good lease deal.

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